bands & ensembles
- can be tailored to clients wishes
- can also mix variety of music with any ensemble such as Classical, Spanish, Jazz,
...Latin, Popular, Latin, Love Songs, Island Sounds, Reggae, Rock, etc....
- various combinations can be arranged

Wedding Ceremonies, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Music

Solo Classical Guitar (nylon string)
...*very popular for Weddings

Solo Jazz Guitar (hollowbody/jazz guitar)
Classical Guitar & Violin Duo

...*very popular for Weddings
Guitar & Flute Duo
Guitar & Steel Pan Duo
Guitar & Vocal Duo
Guitar & Sax Duo
Guitar Duo (with or without) vocals
Guitar, Violin, Flute Trio

Jazz Trio or Quartet (guitar, bass, drums (trio) with: female vocalist, sax, piano, flute, steel pan, violin, percussion, etc..)

Latin Jazz Quartet (guitar, bass, drums, sax)

Reggae Duo, Trio, Quartet, etc...

Greg (right) playing in his guitar-steel pan duo with (Lemuel Callwood), off the coast of St. John
Parties (Wedding Receptions, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, etc...)

In The Sand Band

Greg's Duo

My main band that is in high demand and pretty much sells itself, is a 4 piece (guitar, bass, drums, female vocalist, and everyone sings). What works with us, besides the fact that we offer top musicianship through experience and a big sound, is that we play a variety of music tailored to the clients wishes. This band can provide a nice background of a wide range of music and can really kick a party into high gear, especially for dancing when needed.

The only problem I ever have with this band, is that they never want us to stop at the end of the night!

We play many weddings, parties and dinner/dance functions throughout the islands and are usually booked a good bit in advance. We can always increase instrumentation or subtract upon request, according to your budget and wishes.

Hatch Band

My original, modern, soulful, funky, rock, reggae, etc.., project that is very popular in the islands is called Hatch. We do mostly clubs, concerts, radio shows and private parties. We tour the Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. States when we can get away.

We also receive a lot of air play from our first CD, industry attention, and Hatch has been voted "Best of The VI" three years in a row and counting by The Daily News.

Hatch is currently recording our 2nd CD and an all acoustic disc as well. Stay posted to my original music page for dates and music available.


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