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As the song goes, "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere". Greg Kinslow's music career did not start on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands by any means, where he now calls home. His studies, training and experience have come from productive years in the New York City and Philadelphia music scene, learning from and working with some of today's top seasoned pros. His love for music and his broad range of training (both formal and self taught) has made him a versatile professional musician able to adapt to most music situations.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area and coming from a musical family, Greg has been around the music business all his life. Being encouraged to play instruments from his older brothers, who are professional New York City musicians, studio owners and band leaders and having his father and mother play violin and piano around him growing up, Greg caught the bug very early.

Starting early writing songs, practicing piano and drums, then moving to rock, jazz, classical guitar and bass, Greg was pushed to study with the top Philly musicians. Playing percussion and upright bass for his schools orchestra, Greg was playing guitar for hire with college jazz big bands and theatre orchestra companies before he was out of high school. At this time, his local high school rock band won every "Battle of The Bands" they entered (all 8) and was a hit on the local Philly scene. After a stint at Penn State University, Greg played with numerous working cover/original projects, classy high society function bands, taught and continued doing studio/theatre work.
(artists Greg has played with)

Moving to New York at 20 to join his brothers, Greg felt this was the place to further grow and be inspired as an artist. Working with his brothers top society band (Park Swing
and training as a recording/sound engineer in their Studio K Productions, Greg was able to play guitar on many studio sessions, commercials, films and learn from some of the ever flowing top musicians that came through the doors.

(artists Greg has studied with)

After many auditions coming in 1st or 2nd, (sometimes out of 200 guitarists) and playing sideman to numerous acts, showcasing for record companies in all the big NY Clubs and studios, Greg began to hone in on his prolific song writing abilities and forming his own band. Recording his own cd's, touring the East coast, and showcasing his music, Greg's songs drew in attention from top industry brass. (Greg's affiliations) After several brushes with the here today gone tomorrow pop world, Greg realized the value of being a well rounded/trained working musician and getting paid to do what he knows best.
Deciding to take a break from the Big Apple and work abroad, Greg auditioned for Norwegian Cruise Lines and was instantly hired as Band Leader on the prestigious SS Norway (longest cruise ship in the world), where he traveled throughout the Caribbean, East Coast and Transatlantic to Europe. While stopping in St. John, Greg found it to be an enticing beautiful place. Not long after, he decided to move to St. John for a while and take a break from the biz, though still keep his NY residence and contacts.
[Upon arrival in St. John, he had met a musician on the beach and had a gig his first night!] He hasn't left in 8 years and actually maintains a busier schedule than he had back in New York, working along side some of the finer talent the islands have to offer.

Since basing himself in St. John, Greg formed his unique, original band "Hatch" that draws record crowds, receives a lot of air play, industry attention, and has been voted "Best of The VI" three years in a row and counting by The Daily News. Greg also maintains a very busy schedule working as Band Leader, Music Coordinator and Musician for the prestigious Caneel Bay Resort (voted in Top 5 Places in the World by The Travel Channel to get married and vacation) -under the direction of the Vera Payne and her professional staff. Together, they consistently organize and conduct the most amazing elegant events such as weddings, corporate groups, private parties, etc.. for Caneel Bay's elite, sophisticated clientele. Greg has had the pleasure to perform for many of Caneel's high profile guests.

Greg's services are also hired by The Westin Resort and Ritz Carlton, as well as many private beach and villa affairs. He has been photographed or filmed performing in several wedding magazines, television shows and he has been the hot talk in the chat rooms of the popular wedding site: (mentioned on The Apprentice).

As a lot of work comes through word of mouth or referrals, Greg Kinslow has a reputation for providing top notch classy entertainment focused on more music and less talk. The wide range of quality music and talented bands seem to sell themselves and through years of experience playing these various affairs, events go smoothly, providing guests what they want. If you are looking for a cheesy lounge type band, he is not your man!

While not many working musicians can make the crossover convincingly in various music styles, Greg Kinslow seems to manage quite well and then some. If this in-demand talent, is not working top various functions or affairs that he is so frequently hired for,
Greg is:
playing shows and recording with his original projects (check original music page)
playing sideman for other talented musician's recording sessions or gigs
writing/engineering/producing in his own studio
studying and practicing to further grow and better himself

After all, Greg looks at his career in music not as a job, but a lifetime commitment utilizing all the skills and experience he has obtained along the way.

...some of the many Greg has played with or worked for:

Stu Weitz Orchestras (top Philadelphia function band)
Park Swing Orchestra (top NY function band)
Al Raymond (top Philadelphia big band ensemble & radio personality)
friend Al Gorgoni (legendary top session ace who has played the guitar for
.. Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond,
.. The Monkees and hundreds of others)
Norwegian Cruise Lines -SS Norway (Band Leader)
Windstar Cruise Lines (Band Leader) -played a week long down island cruise
.. for The Young Presidents Club
Steely Dan's Drew Zingg (David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Boz Scaggs,
.. NY R&R Soul Review, Broadway, etc.)
Atlantic Solo Recording Artist Marc Ribot (Led Zepellin', Robert Plant and
.. Allison Krauss, David Sanborn, Elvis Costello, Tom Waites, Trey Anastasio,
.. John Lurie, SNL, etc.)
Conrad Korsch (Philly born Top NY pro who now plays with
.. Rod Stewart, Broadway, SNL, etc.)
Greg jammed a whole set with the drummer from Metallica
.. (Lars Ulrich), a guest attending one of the many lavish weddings
.. his band perform's regularly year round.
Ronnie Kayfield's band (toured w/ Ozzy, Motley Crue, Dio, Pete Way, UFO)

...some of the many Greg has studied with:

• Philadelphia jazz guitar greats Steve Giordano and Frank Dibussolo
Atlantic Solo Recording Artist Marc Ribot (Led Zepellin', Robert Plant and
.. Allison Krauss, David Sanborn, Elvis Costello, Tom Waites, Trey Anastasio,
.. John Lurie, SNL, etc.)
Steely Dan's Drew Zingg (David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Boz Scaggs,
.. NY R&R Soul Review, Broadway, etc.)

...some of Greg's affiliations:

• Producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Stones, Zeppelin, everybody etc.,
.. -who personally called to commend him out of 700 tapes)
TVT Records
Jimmy Lovelace (Wes Montgomery)
Record Plant Chief Engineer Chuck Cavanaugh (AC/DC, etc.)
The Spin Doctors and their management

...some of the many that Greg has performed for:

Michael J. Fox
Kevin Bacon
Mel Brooks
Ann Bancroft
Alan Alda
Kelsey Grammer
The Rocketts
Kenny Chesney
Brian Griese
Boston Ballad

Banana Boat Suntan Lotion: Greg was personally commissioned from his reputation
.. with his band Hatch, to write two fun (islandy) commercial spots that are on the radio
.. daily throughout the islands and possibly soon in the states. Greg wrote,
.. engineered and produced the spots in his home recording studio.

.. (feel free to check his references)

...some that Greg has been filmed for:

Good Morning America
Discovery Health Channel- Buff Brides show -right
.. (filmed at The Westin on St. John.)

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