The Music of Greg Kinslow

Greg Kinslow is a professional musician, band leader and music coordinator, who has been sharing his gift of music for years. Based in St. John, U.S.V.I., Greg came from productive years in the New York and Philadelphia music scenes. He has been fortunate to study and work in a variety of environments alongside some of today's top seasoned pros. This guitarist/bassist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter has obtained his skills through years of experience developing a versatile talent, able to adapt to most musical situations.

Providing top musicianship that is tailored to his clientele, Greg's services are used regularly by St. John's prestigious Caneel Bay Resort, The Westin and The Ritz Carlton (STT) as well as many beach/villa wedding ceremonies, parties and elegant affairs throughout the islands. Greg offers a wide selection of ensembles and bands from solo classical/spanish/jazz guitar to duos, trios, full dance bands and even a DJ service. After a brief routine consultation, he is sure to provide you and your guests with precisely the right music for your occasion.



Whether Greg Kinslow is providing top musical entertainment for some of the elite guests at Caneel Bay Resort such as: Kevin Bacon, Metallica, Michael J. Fox, MIke Huckabee, Mel Brooks, The Governor of The VI's, Kenny Chesney, Brian Griese, etc.; playing packed houses in his popular original band Hatch (voted: "Best of the VI" three years and counting); getting great raves, reviews and referrals in the chat rooms of theknot.com (a very popular wedding site/ mentioned on The Apprentice); writing commercial jingles for such companies as Banana Boat Suntan Lotion or being played on the radio airways -Greg Kinslow always provides his customers and fans with the highest quality musical expertise. So let Greg coorinate your music needs while in the islands.

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